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17 / April / 2017 - Muslim pigs make terrorist attack in London nightclub with acid ...... daughters of the cowardly whores, in the Portuguese press not a word ....... are waiting for that to expel this scum Muslim from Europe ?????

Acid attack at nightclub leaves 12 injured in London
Number of incidents of type has increased: in 2016, London police registered 454 attacks with acid.

In 2015 there were 261.

17 abr 2017
Ataque com ácido em boate de Londres
Acid attack on London nightclub
An acid attack has left 12 people injured by burns in the early hours of Monday night at a London nightclub.
The attack caused the 600 people in the compound, which is in the eastern Dalston district of Dalston, to be evacuated. There is no risk of death for any of those affected, of whom nine suffered minor injuries.
"The only information we have is that a corrosive substance, which has not been identified, has been released inside the disco. After a PH test, it was determined that the substance was a strong acid, "a spokesman for the London fire department said.
Police were still in the club this morning carrying out investigations and analyzes, but for the time being, no one was arrested in connection with the attack.
British police last year recorded 454 acid attacks in London, a 74% increase compared to 2015, when 261 attacks took place.
According to experts, these actions have become common among some groups, because substances are easy to obtain without being able to follow the buyer's track.
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