domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

09/04/2017 - More and more attacks by cowardly Muslim terrorists, until when will Europe endure this ????? A civil war is coming, and it will be much worse than the Second World War. They have now dropped a bomb in Oslo - Norway. In Egypt, an attack on a Catholic church. The next attack should be in Fatima / Portugal, it is easy to predict this, 500,000 people together and a Pope, it is tempting for these morons Muslim, the broth is already done, nothing will advance the security procedures in Fatima. Drones with explosives, a 60 mm mortar, 5 km away and killing dozens of people, a suicide bomber on foot. The police will search 500 thousand people ??? The tragedy is announced. What we have to do is expel all the Muslims from Europe ....... yesterday is already too late !!!!!!!!!!

04/08/2017 - Oslo / Norway
Police detonate explosive and suspect   

The Norwegian police confirmed this morning that it detonated in an controlled way an explosive device found in a neighborhood in Oslo and that arrested a suspect.
Police chief Vidar Pedersen confirmed the device was an explosive. Through the account of the social network Twitter, the police informed that the device was disabled and neutralized.
Pedersen said the explosive was found near the Grønland underground station, prompting police to remove people from the area's restaurants and bars.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    04/09/2017 - Tanta / Egypt
Explosion causes 13 dead near Christian church in Egypt   

An explosion has killed 13 people near a church in the northern city of Tanta, reports state media.
The blast caused injuries to about 40 people, according to the same sources, as the Christian community prepared to celebrate Holy Week, which begins Sunday with the feast of the Ramos.

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