domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

09 / April / 2017 - New bomb attack on Egypt, this time in the city of Alexandria, the same as the Muslim pigs burned millenarian Library of Alexandria, with all its treasures of books, The destruction of the great library of Alexandria was completed by the Arabs in 646 of the Christian era, IDIOTS. These cowardly Muslim pigs only deserve the immediate expulsion from Europe ...... yesterday is too late, hopefully what will happen in Fatima with 500 thousand pilgrims and a Pope.

I do not see the refugee associations commenting on these attacks in Europe, neither the Clowns of the Bloc, nor the communist pigs, shit like mice!
Receive the refugees in Portugal with welcome posters.
I just want to see if something happens in Fatima ........ it's going to be a run.

How do you say ....... home rapped, you lock the door.

I already know that I will be called ANTI-ISLAM / RACIST / XENÓFOB / NAZI, and other things more.
You are mistaken, I am a nationalist, and I do not want to see my Portugal, delivered to these degenerate Muslims.
How can there be people defending these people's throats ???
I just want to see the day they start to kill your family and friends ....... they change their minds soon, and they will be the first to cry for help ..... but when this day comes, it may be too late !!!!!

Ramiro Lopes Andrade


New explosion in Egypt: another church attacked

Second explosion in Egypt, now in a church in Alexandria, according to state television.
The death toll from the first explosion near a church in the northern city of Tanta rose to 25, with 70 people injured.
Magdi Awad, head of the ambulance service, confirmed information about a bomb blast as the faithful celebrated Palm Sunday.
There is now information of a second explosion in a church in Alexandria, according to state television, which has caused several deaths and injuries.

Coptic Christians account for about 10% of Egypt's population and are often targeted by Islamist extremists.

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