sábado, 14 de julho de 2018

Shit of Africans and Muslims we are receiving in Europe, will be the end of civilization. Watch the video and learn once and for all, we can not have open borders, or go search them to Egypt, as the government of Portugal is doing ............ only in Africa are 3 billion, five hundred million people here in Europe are just over 550 million people. UNDERSTAND, OR YOU NEED THEM TO DO A DRAWING ?????????


Most do not know, and do not want to work, who want to be parasites live here in Europe to chularem who works and pays increasing taxes. 
All this with the collusion of politicians here in Portugal and Europe. 
The left is radiant and happy, we even build two mosques (Tapada das Merces - Sintra / and Mouraria - Lisbon). Moreover, cynically, this esquerdalha, aims that these immigrants become Portuguese and vote on (MANURE BLOCK / PS / CFP). 
We will pay very expensive, and it will be very soon in Spain / France / Germany / Italy / Sweden / Noroega / Denmark / Belgium / Netherlands ........ the situation is very, very serious. 
In Portugal we will get there is any islamist attack, i only see tourism go sewer below, we await the capters of this tragedy foretold.

Hugs to my friends. 

Ramiro Lopes Andrade 
Straight / Islamophobic / Homophobic / Nationalist

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