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Pig Muslim Nigerian sticking child, and kills ex-partner in Germany, the crime happened in Jungfernstieg station, April 12 (MERKEL YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER) ............ and still Primeiro.ministro Monhé Antonio Costa Bosta, wants to bring over 10,000 muslins for Portugal, the light to your home asshole !!!

Merkel Treacherous

SOURCE:     https://infielatento.blogspot.com/2018/07/muculmano-degola-menina-de-1-ano-de-idade-na-Alemanha-.html

Refugee sticking girl 1 year old in Germany; Merkel prohibits press report sticking

The pro-migrant government of Angela Merkel hasbanned the German media to denounce a barbaric crime involving a Muslim immigrant who beheaded his daughter a year on a platform of the train station in Hamburg. 
In fact, the crime became news in  Süddeutesche Zeitung , the  Welt , the  Spiegel in  Focus and  Der Tagesspiegel but none of them mentions the degolamento! 

According to witnesses, the suspect 33, Mourtala Madou, unique Niger, beheaded his daughter a year in front of a crowd of horrified passengers at Jungfernstieg station on Thursday, April 12, and then stabbed his ex- German girlfriend, the child's mother.   

              KILLER MUSLIN PIG
Mourtala Madou  
The suspect stabbed the child behind while she was sitting in her cart, and then cut her throat. 
He then stabbed his girlfriend in the chest before fleeing the scene, throwing the murder weapon in a trash can at the train station. 
He was arrested later.
The woman, mother of four other children, died in the hospital. 
Video images have been uploaded on the internet showing the consequences of the double murder that was described as "deliberate and planned" the police spokesman Timo Zill, and as an "honor killing" by the witnesses. 
The bodies of the victims can be seen in the video, but not their faces. Eyewitnesses can be heard saying that the suspect cut off the head of the babies. 
In the video, you hear the Christian gospel singer from Ghana, who captured the images on your phone, saying, "Oh my God. 
It's unbelievable. 
And les cut the baby's head. 
They cut the baby's head. 
My God. Oh Jesus."    

When you meet the unbelievers, degole them (Qur'an, 47: 4)  

WARNING: video contains graphic content very violent.

One of the globalists sites that attempt to identify false news ( fake news ) called  Hoax Alert , said there was no ban some of Merkel. 
He then quotes the article in  Süddeutesche Zeitung , the  Welt , the  Spiegel  and  Focus which, as already mentioned above, ignore the fundamental detail degolamento. That is, the site seeks to identify false news is who spreads false news! (Another site to be suspicious is the Snopes).   

The killer, Mourtala Madou, entered Europe via the Italian island of Lampedusa. the same that was visited by  Pope Francisco  five years ago when he called for a Europe without borders.
Merkel's government has been under intense pressure in recent months regarding the open border policy that is responsible for millions of Muslim immigrants who settled in Germany in the last three years. 
Many Germans believe that the government issued a blanket ban on reporting this story because it will expand the popular pressure against the government.

It is a fact known and documented that the German authorities were ordered to suppress the Germans independent bloggers who has been reporting on the crimes committed by refugees.

When the blogger Hamburg Heinrich Kordewiner posted the video on Facebook and on your YouTube channel, the police was thrown. The Kordewiner apartment was searched and their personal belongings were confiscated. Kordewiner says he and his roommate were awakened at 6:45 am by a squad of prosecutors and police officers who sought access to your home. They refused to open the door, which turned out to be forcibly opened, punching the door lock.

The Christian gospel singer who recorded the video on his cell also had invaded his home and confiscated their personal belongings. Police allege that is operating under orders to confiscate material to protect the rights of victims.

But who are they really protecting? Many Germans believe that whoever is being protected is the killer, Mourtala Madou, and, of course, the German government, blamed for allowing millions of immigrants are established in Germany against the will of its people.

However, they can not keep the hidden case forever.For example, the Hamburg District Court file mentions that the child had his severed neck. Stefan Frank reports on achgut.com  about it).
Future generations of free Germans will curse the name of Angela Merkel. But if she can finish what she started, there will not be any Germany.
Read more about the criminalization of criticism of the immigration policy of the German government in this article:  Germany: 'beheading' Freedom of the Press?
Source  Extra:     https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/270677/germany-muslim-migrant-beheads-baby-robert-spencer

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