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The Muslim scum spreads through Brazil ... ... wake up Brazilians, they want to send to Brazil more than 2 million Islamic pigs, financed by the whores' daughters of SAUDI ARABIA ........... Wake up while it's time. Where are the military of Brazil ??? To sleep in splendid cradle ????? They are corrupt like the daughters of the whores of Brazilian politicians

Pakistani Islamists travel through Brazil to preach Islam and cause panic in the population.
The "religion of peace" is said to be Islam, the second largest religion in the world (it is also perhaps the most hated), and seeking to take Islam to other places and attract new adepts a group of Pakistani Islamists has landed in Brazilian soil in recent weeks and began the search for converting new believers to Allah, the God of Islam.

Group of Muslims walking in a city in Maranhão

  They began preaching to cities in the Amazon at the end of April, then went to Maranhao where they visited and preached in cities in the metropolitan region of São Luis. 
The presence of the Muslims dressed in their Islamic costumes left the population of the cities worried and wherever they called attention.

The presence of Islamists left the population on alert

After being aware of the presence of the Islamists, the Federal Police began to monitor them and reported that they entered the country through Roraima, with a tourist visa, which allows them to stay in the country for three months, and can be extended for another three months.

Muslims in prayer during passage through Maranhão

After leaving the capital of Maranhão the group went to Piauí, where they must preach in cities of the state. Maranhão and Piauí are the two states of the northeast with the lowest number of Islamists.

Muslim preach Islam for Maranhense

Although a large part of the population has shown concern and rejection of Islamists in debates on social networks, many people have defended visitors and the right to preach Islam and attacked critics by accusing them of intolerance, ignorance and Islamophobia.

Muslims began preaching in Iranduba, in the Amazon

The Islam:

Created in the 7th century by the prophet Muhammad in Mecca in present-day Saudi Arabia, Islam is now the second largest religion in the world, behind only Christianity. And even with the radicalism caused by its fundamentalism that has provoked wars and terrorist attacks all over the world orchestrated by terrorist organizations like EI, Al Qaeda and Boko Raran, it is also the fastest growing. According to the Pew research institute, Islam today has about 1.6 billion followers and by 2050 will have 2.8 billion, followed by 29.7% of the world's population, slightly less than Christianity that will have 2.9 Billion, totaling 31.4% of the world's population.

Source: http://misteriosefatosincriveis.blogspot.pt/2017/06/islamicos-paquistaneses-viajam-pelo.html




The 20 Deadly Commandments of the PEDOPHILE PIG ("Satanic") Mohammed, the founder of Islam

  • You must rape, marry, and divorce pre-pubertal girls. Qur'an 65: 4, 4: 3
  • You must have sexual relations with sex slaves and slave laborers. Qur'an 4: 3, 4:24, 5:89, 33:50, 58: 3, 70:30
  • You must beat the sex slaves, the slave laborers, and the wives. Quran 04:34
  • You must have four Muslim male witnesses to prove a rape. Qur'an 24:13
  • You must kill those who insult Islam or Muhammad.
  • You must crucify and amputate non-Muslims. Qur'an 8:12, 47: 4
  • You must kill the non-Muslims to ensure they receive the 72 virgins in the sky. Quran 9: 111
  • You must kill whoever leaves Islam. Quran 2: 217, 4:89
  • You must behead non-Muslims. Qur'an 8:12, 47: 4
  • You must kill and die for Allah. Quran 9: 5
  • You must terrorize non-Muslims. Qur'an 8:12, 8:60
  • You must steal and steal non-Muslims. Qur'an Chapter 8 (Serve / War Spoils)
  • You must lie to strengthen Islam. Quran 3:28, 16: 106
  • You must fight non-Muslims, even if you do not want to. Qur'an 2: 216
  • You must NOT take non-Muslims as friends.
  • You should call the non-Muslims of pigs and monkeys. Qur'an 5:60, 7: 166, 16: 106
  • You should treat non-Muslims as the most vile creatures, who deserve no mercy. Quran 98: 6
  • You should treat non-Muslims as sworn enemies. Quran 4: 101
  • You must kill the non-Muslims for not converting to Islam.
  • You should extort non-Muslims to keep Islam strong. Qur'an 9:29

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