domingo, 4 de junho de 2017

04/06/2017 - Another terrorist attack on the Bridge London Bridge, 7 dead and 48 wounded - How long will we endure this ???? EYE FOR THE EYE - TOOTH FOR THE TOOTH !!!!!!!!! CAST OFF ALL THE MUSLIMS OF EUROPE, IT IS ALREADY AFTER LATE. What are we waiting for more ??? A terrorist act in a nuclear power station ???? A chemical attack with nerve gas ???? EYE FOR EYE - TOOTH FOR EYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Useful Idiots !!!!! Now I would like to see these same idiots, welcome these degenerate Muslims !!!!

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Wake up English
Wake up European
It's time for rematch ....
Eye for eye, tooth for tooth

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa ( President of Portugal ), says .... says, says that Islam is a religion of peace love and tolerance.

There are every idiot in Portugal who supports these degenerate Muslims.  

Moreover, we Portuguese taxpayers are obliged by the politicians (PCP / LEFT BLOCK / PSD / PS / CDS) to donate 3 million euros to build another mosque in Mouraria - Lisbon.
Look Marcelo, continue to condecoration pedophiles, which is what you know to do better ........ irrrraaaaa !!!!

O Marcelinho President, do not forget to go visit the Mosque of the Plaza of Spain - Lisbon ....... every day, and make those wonderful speeches on the Peace, Love, and Tolerance of Islam of the Prophet Muhammad Prophet. .... it just suits you !!!!!
Let us have patience to act the nonsense of this President of the Republican Bananas of Portugal.
Ramiro Lopes Andrade


Bearded 3 terrorist pig is already in paradise with the 74 virgins of Mohammed Pedophile ..... Muslim cowards, sons of whores. 

Islamic Pigs murderous terrorists, and there are still Portuguese to defend this Muslim scum ........ idiots, asses, sold to freemasonry, and NWO !!!!!!!


London bombing killed seven people and wounded 48. Three attackers shot down

Police believe the situation is now "under control"
Cressida Dick, the London police commissioner, said early Sunday morning that the London bombing had killed seven people and wounded 48 people. The three attackers have been shot down and at this time police believe the situation is "under control," but the affected areas will remain banned and agents will continue with the searches to ensure the threat has been completely neutralized.
On Saturday night there were at least three incidents in different parts of London: a hit at the London Bridge, stabbing at Borough Market and an incident at Vauxhall.     



Cast the shit out of the Muslims of Europe.
This scum does not deserve to live in civilized countries, they have to be in the middle of the shit, which is their place.
Why European politicians allow this madness ????
They will get a reaction from the citizens, and then, we will have a civil war on European soil ........ is this what they want ??????

Ramiro Lopes Andrade



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