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Essential videos that accurately describe what is happening in Europe. It is also a clear message the feminists, and defenders of the human rights of these Disgusting worms islamics Pedophiles of the third world. I just want to see when a family member of these peace and love Islamists is raped by a backward refugee, as happened to a Portuguese girl in Albufeira, raped by a Muslim Eritrean pig who had arrived in Portugal a month earlier ..... ..

Pat Condell - A Word to Islamic Migrants  


Feminists: The Denominations of Islam - Pat Condell


Farewell Sweden (Goodbye Sueden)

Sweden ... a country raped by women and children, by Muslims.


In Portugal: Eritrean "refugee" raped a 67-year-old homeless woman

Posted 12/03/2016
At dawn on 1 December 2016, a 38-year-old Eritrean refugee approached the 67-year-old victim, who was sheltered from the cold at the entrance of a bank branch in downtown Albufeira.
According to the PJ, "through the use of physical force, he partially undressed her and, in the face of the victim's resistance, he assaulted her, causing maxillofacial and nasal fractures." The victim was rescued by the Firemen of Albufeira and INEM and hospitalized in the hospital of Faro.
Minutes after the crime, the attacker was intercepted by a young man of 21 years, who managed to immobilize him until the arrival of the police.
The police  has carried out actions that confirm the aggression and the violation.

The man was placed in custody by order of a judge.

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